Getting Started

As you prepare to use ProPresenter, there are three main steps you'll need to go through... downloading the program from the Renewed Vision website, installing the program on your computer and then, if you've purchased the program, registering and activating your license.

Downloading ProPresenter

To download ProPresenter, simply go to our Download page and you'll see options for both Mac and Windows there. The newest version downloaded by the Download button and older versions are offered under Version History. We would recommend always downloading the latest update for installation.

Installing ProPresenter

The installation process is slightly different depending on if you are on a Mac or Windows machine.

To install ProPresenter on a Mac, unzip the Zip file that downloaded from the website and you'll see the Application file appear. Drag that Application file to your Applications folder in Finder and then launch the Application itself from there. You can add it to your Dock if you'd like at that time. Please note that when you open ProPresenter for the first time, you may be prompted to allow the program access to your Desktop and Documents folders. As ProPresenter stores it's information internally in these folders by default, we would recommend allowing this. If you do not, you will likely need to allow access through System Preferences and we offer directions for those in our KnowledgeBase here.

To install ProPresenter on Windows, you'll work through an installer. In this installer, you are prompted to setup file associations for the program to work with presentation files from previous ProPresenter versions. You will then be prompted to add shortcuts on your Desktop and in your Start menu should you like. Along with that you will be prompted to allow a Windows Firewall rule for ProPresenter, we would advise allowing this. Finally, the installation will begin and you will be prompted to launch the program at that time.

Welcome to ProPresenter

When you first open ProPresenter on the machine, the program launches a new walkthrough to welcome you and help set up the program for its initial use.

First, a slideshow showing the basic functions of the program window itself is shown explaining the ins and outs of what you’ll see when the program first launches. You'll then need to accept the licensing agreement for the program.

Once you continue, our Migration window will appear. This window allows you to import Libraries from ProPresenter6, as well as, their corresponding Playlists, Media Bins, Audio Bins, and any settings/support files. If you are moving from a previous version of the software, this is a great option to get a lot of your data into ProPresenter in a quick and efficient manner!

If you don’t wish to migrate at this time or have no previous data to migrate, you can choose to skip the migration. You can always choose to migrate pre-existing data later by going to File>Import>ProPresenter Library.

Once the Migration is complete or has been skipped, the next window allows you to set up a single Audience screen and Stage screen. You can learn more about setting up screens later in the User Guide here.

In this setup window, you can select the currently attached screens or SDI output devices to assign each screen to. You also can set this up for an NDI or Syphon output (Syphon is Mac only) If you don’t have your outputs attached currently, the best option would be to select a Placeholder so you can assign the outputs later. Once you’ve set these screens up, you can click Continue and move on to our Options window.

Here, we ask three questions of items that will occur in the program.

  1. House of worship? -- this is asking if you’d like our House of Worship integrations such as Planning Center Online and SongSelect as well as the Bible View to appear in the program.
  2. Share Crash Reports -- though we certainly don’t want to see the program crash and the chance of it occurring is unlikely, enabling this option will allow your crash reports to be sent internally by the program to our development team so we can improve the program for everyone!
  3. Share ProPresenter Analytics -- we like to know what portions of the program are being used by the greatest number of our users as we continue to improve and enhance your experience. Enabling this option will allow the software to send us data on the features you’re using the most and allow us to best plan for the future together.

Once you finish answering these questions, we give you links to some great resources to continue learning how to use and work with our software. Clicking “Continue” on this window will close our Quick Start wizard and you’ll be ready to begin your ProPresenter experience. If you find a time where you wish to work through this again or if you skipped it initially when you launched the program, you can always re-access this guide by choosing Window along the top toolbar and then selecting "Welcome to ProPresenter".

Now, you can move on to registering the software.

Registering ProPresenter

ProPresenter allows you to run the fully functional program at any time, you will just see a watermark appear at random intervals on your Screens. This allows the creation and export of presentations, as well as, testing of the program to be done without the need to physically register the program.

Instead of prompting to register the program when you first launch it, there is a green “Open Registration” icon in the upper right hand corner of the program window which you can click to open the Registration window. You can also go to ProPresenter>Registration... in the menubar.
This will pull up a window that says “Not Registered” and has a Purchase and Register button. Click on the Register button which will open the window where you will enter your license information.

In this window you will enter your Registration Name and Unlock Code that you received via email when you made the purchase of or upgraded to the new version of ProPresenter. You will also see a Device name field that will auto fill with your device name. This is the name that will hit our server, so if you would like it to be different from what is auto-filled, you can edit that here!

Once you have entered your information and clicked Register, it will show up as it does below: In this window, you see the first and last five characters of the unlock code at the top. You also see the full Registration name, the name of your machine (as seen by our servers), the date of your ProPresenter+ Expiration, and your available seat count.

You also have the option in this window to Unregister the software. If you are wanting to move your seat to another computer, you will do so by clicking Unregister here and then you can use your license information to register your seat on a new computer.