ProPresenter User Guide

Welcome to the ProPresenter 7 User Guide. This guide is fully up to date as of ProPresenter 7.12. These pages are intended to give you a glimpse of all of the different features that ProPresenter offers. Check out each of the sections below and a little information on what you'll find inside!

  • Getting Started -- This section goes through the process of downloading, installing and registering the software on your machine. This is intended to be used if you're just starting with ProPresenter 7 and working through adding it onto your computer.
  • Interface -- This section walks you through many of the main windows of the program including where you'll trigger your slides, what you'll see when running a show and how to organize your elements in the program.
  • Screen Configuration -- This section walks you through how to setup the screens that will be seen by those in your Audience and those on the Stage.
  • Working with Slides -- As ProPresenter is a presentation program, slides are one of the main items inside of it! This section will walk you through how to edit your slides and all the different things you can do with slides to create an exciting presentation.
  • Working with Files -- This section will teach you how to import and export items into the program, as well as, the fundamentals of printing in the software.
  • Working with Media -- Media includes videos, images, audio and video inputs and this section explains how to put together those items in the software as you build your show.
  • Other Features -- This section explains many of the fundamental features of ProPresenter that allow you convey your message in new and exciting ways.
  • Preferences -- The Preferences in the program offer many ways where you can modify how the program itself works. This section walks through each tab of this window explaining those settings and how they'll affect you.